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Immortal Life Might End Up Meaningless, But What If Mortal Life Already Is?
Adam Buben

Is Death the Absolute End of Human Existence?
Filiz Peach

When Zombies Are Real. Thinking about the Death of the Other
Jorge Gonzalez Arocha

Is Death an Evil?
Jonathan Beale

Death, Quantum, and the Techno-Singularity
István Aranyosi

Reading and Interdependence
Gerasimos Kakoliris

The Possibility of Ethics in the Condition of the Oppressed
Nathalie Nya 

Camus on Absurdity
Steven Luper 

Jacques Derrida and the Controversy of Philosophy
Ian Angus

In Socrates’ Footsteps: The Deep Entanglement of Love and Wisdom
Laura Candiotto

After the Cogito: Lacan on Psychoanalysis, Science and Religion
Itzhak Benyamini

A Short Introduction to Death, Pain and Loneliness
Aysel Demir


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