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Death, Quantum, and the Techno-Singularity

Author: István Aranyosi (Bilkent University, PhD.) Quantum mechanics (QM) is whacky. It is hard to offer an interpretation of its formalism in a way that would satisfy everyone in terms of requirements of clarity and intuitiveness. The main culprit is the wave function, an equation that is supposed to describe the behavior of an isolated quantum system. The problem is a conflict between the probabilistic nature of the wave function and the deterministic nature of what we experience, when ...

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Immortal Life Might End Up Meaningless, but What If Mortal Life Already Is?

Author: Adam Buben (Leiden University, Assist. Prof.) “While there’s life, there is hope.”—Stephen Hawking For several decades now, a debate has raged amongst philosophers of death as to whether or not an immortal life would be worth living. Although this is hardly a new conundrum, the recent debate has been inflamed by the growth of science fiction and fantasy literature (which is almost always suspicious of the prospects of living forever), as well as intensifying real-world ...

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