For Authors

ThinKnow is a magazine of ideas and popular philosophy that has a multi-disciplinary approach. If you are interested to send an article, please read the following carefully.

Publication principles

You can send us an article, criticism, book or movie review, cartoons etc. The readers of ThinKnow is the general educated public. Please keep in mind that the reader of your article may not have formal training in philosophy or in any relevant topics. Moreover, try not to use so technical terms. If it is inevitable, explain the term briefly in the text or in the end-notes. You may ask an educated (not in philosophy) friend if s/he can understand your article. This can help to modify your work. You can even add a “Further Reading” part at the end of the article.

ThinKnow has the right to publish both in digital and in paper editions when an article is sent us. The copyright and the responsibility of the article remain as the property of the author. Thus, the author may publish or allow any other to publish by indicating that ThinKnow is the place of first publication.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay authors for the articles. However, we send the paper edition of the issue to which the author contributes.

We evaluate a couple of articles that are not relevant to the cover topic for each issue.

The deadline for each issue will be 2 months before the issue will be published. After that day, the received articles are evaluated for the next issue. (You can find the deadline on the Homepage.)


Your manuscript should be sent in .doc format as an attachment to the email.

If you want to send images to be used in your article, make sure that you send them as attachments to the email. The size of an image must be 1000 px * 1000 px at min. Please indicate the location of the image(s) in the article file.

You should send your manuscript, your short bio and a photo (attached to the email) to our e-mail address. Please indicate which issue you are sending for as the subject of your e-mail.

You have to include your name and surname in the manuscript file. If you want to place your title, please write it in parenthesis below the name.

Please send your manuscript with the latest revisions. If you send the same article more than one time, we will evaluate the first one you have sent.

If you need to use references or end-notes, please use the numbering method.

Your manuscript should have 1800 words at the min and 3500 words at max.

Personal information

At the end of your article, we will add a short biography and your photo. For this purpose, you need to send a portrait (800px * 800px in 300 dpi and in .jpg format) and a short biography about your author identity with a third-person narration (90 words at max and in .doc format).

Sample bio statement:

Name Surname

Her interests include philosophy of science, phenomenology, and ethics. She has many articles published in several journals and online platforms. She enjoys reading science-fiction novels as well as books on popular science and on cinematics.

To reduce the editing time, please aware of the following issues:

Please do not use indent. You can use line spacing (double-spacing) after paragraphs.

You can use 12 font size, single-spaced lines and Times New Roman (or similar standard font type), and “Justify” for alignment of text.

Check the spelling before you send the manuscript. Please make sure that you did not use unnecessary space character such as “ philosophia” . You can use auto-replace, for instance, to change two space characters into one.

The subtitles should be written bold and the first letters of each word should be capitalized.

The title should be capitalized in each word.

For quotations, please use only the quotation mark (“) and do not use unnecessary italic or bold styles.


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