Cemre Yilmaz, Editor-in-chief

She was graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics. She is studying on Cognitive Neuroscience. She is the general coordinator in Dusunbil Publishing and Organization company since 2014. She studied on philosophy and psychoanalysis non-academically during the seminars in Dusunbil Organization.

Olcay Yilmaz, Managing editor & Arts director

He has graduated from Philosophy. He established the company Dusunbil Publishing and Organization in 2007. Since then, he published several magazines: Dusunbil on the popular philosophy, Libido on the psychoanalysis and social sciences, and GodFather on the cinema. Among them, Dusunbil is still publishing. Besides, he organized more than 100 events in since 2010. He lectured and moderated several seminars on Freudien and Lacanian psychoanalysis and authored two books on psychoanalysis. He continues to study on Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Lucas Thorpe, Copy Editor

He is an assistant professor in the Philosophy department at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. He has also taught in the philosophy departments at Bilkent University and St Andrews University. He received his Phd from the University of Pennsylvania, working with Paul Guyer. He works mainly on Kant and early modern philosophy and on contemporary ethics, political philosophy, and ethics. Besides his academic works, he organized lots of conferences and workshops since 2006. He also created a website which has become the main form sharing information about Anglophone philosophy events in Turkey.