About Us

We are experienced publishers in Turkey since 2007. Düşünbil Publishing has accomplished an increase in philosophy readers in Turkey. Düşünbil Magazine is a monthly popular philosophy magazine in Turkish which is a well-known magazine with a considerable followers. It is among the best-seller magazines in Turkey. Beside publishing, we contribute the cultural events in our country. We organized many events including Theology Symposia, Mind Symposia, Mythology Days, Psychoanalytic Workshops and Symposia, etc. Even though we live a modern and democratic country, most people don’t have equal opportunities when it comes to free-thinking. Most people in our country don’t appreciate (and don’t even understand) the importance of philosophy. Our mission was to reach young people, mostly college students, and make them enjoy to read philosophy in the broad sense of understanding the outside world. We achieved in some level but we are still working on that.

After fourteen years, we are now transmitting our experience from Düşünbil Magazine onward an international magazine. We want to reach more people having interest in philosophy and keep their interest alive. We consider philosophy as a life practice and not only as reading, writing and sophisticated thoughts. The philosophy touches our lives. Human-beings need to be psychically fed from the philosophers so that they can create own perspective on life. With this aim, we started to international publishing with ThinKnow Magazine, which is inspired by the word sense of Düşünbil. 

ThinKnow appeals to the general public. The language will be easy to read while the content is intense. You can enjoy to read!

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