When Zombies are real: Thinking About The Death Of The Other

Author: Jorge Gonzalez Arocha (University of Havana, PhD.)

The Day My Father Died

Last year was, without any doubt, the worst of my life.

Among the adverse events, the most shocking was the death of my father. He was more than 6000 miles away, and the news surprised me in the middle of a series of circumstances that made it impossible for me to attend his death.

Within minutes of receiving the news, I tried to calm myself down with the idea that I had been studying this subject for years: scientific degrees, seminars, conferences, classes, meetings with friends. Nevertheless, as we have always known, death not only leaves us speechless but also exceeds any sort of reflection.

In those moments, one tries to remember the last handbook about the philosophy of death or any rational argument that can give us back the tranquility of our everyday life. Usually, most of the soothing advice come from science.

In all of them is a recurrent idea that death is not a problem. The real issue has to do with the cessation of life. It might seem the same, but it is not.

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