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Is Death the Absolute End of Human Existence?

Author: Filiz Peach (City University, PhD.) There have been a number of fundamental questions that have preoccupied mankind throughout history. One of these is undoubtedly the notion of death. We all know that we shall die. However, there is no certainty at all as to when, where and how one might die, and this uncertainty paradoxically remains as something which is absolutely certain.  Indeed, death has empirical certainty as far as this certainty is based on an empirical observat...

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Immortal Life Might End Up Meaningless, but What If Mortal Life Already Is?

Author: Adam Buben (Leiden University, Assist. Prof.) “While there’s life, there is hope.”—Stephen Hawking For several decades now, a debate has raged amongst philosophers of death as to whether or not an immortal life would be worth living. Although this is hardly a new conundrum, the recent debate has been inflamed by the growth of science fiction and fantasy literature (which is almost always suspicious of the prospects of living forever), as well as intensifying real-world ...

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