A Short Introduction to Death, Pain and Loneliness

Author: Aysel Demir (Kırıkkale University, Assoc. Prof.)

We are human being and born alone, go through life alone and die alone. Although we are all equals in death which is certain to come, we usually think in life that death will come to other people, not us. We live as if we never die. However, we know that we will die one day and not be in this world anymore. If we accept that each of us will one day die and life is not endless, then what is the point of our life? At this point, we wonder about death and ask questions about it such as: What is death? Why are we dying? What happens to us when we die?… These kind of questions weigh on our mind.

When we think about death, no real picture comes to our mind. The death concept gives us an emptiness; therefore, we can just imagine what it can be and speak of it metaphorically. Death is usually defined as the end of life or, as L. Wittgenstein said, “death is not an experience in life anymore. But, the experience of facing death would improve me… I am standing eye to eye with death.” Accordingly, death is a common experience for human beings and it is important to provide a complete interpretation of the human experience of death. In other words, only human beings have this experience and only human beings live their lives awarely from birth to death.

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