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Ethics in Spinoza’s Ethics
Steven Barbone & Jungwoo Seo

Spinoza On God And Nature
Dino Jakušić

Spinoza’s Political Philosophy
Sandra Leonie Field

Are Pluralistic Societies Doomed to Collapse? Spinoza and His Conservative Critics
Jason Waller

Moby Dick: A Spinozist Tritone Fugue
Ahmet Aktaş

The Philosopher Spinoza and the Sciences
Filip A. A. Buyse

Spinoza’s Politics of Immanent Transcendence
Joseph Bermas-Dawes & A. Kiarina Kordela

Overcoming the Virus of Hate: Spinoza on Conversion of the Emotions
Marie-Élise Zovko

Editor’s post by Cemre Yilmaz

This issue was prepared while the pandemic was growing. We have seen how much impact technology has on our lives. The field of publishing, however,  could find a way to go on mostly thanks to online platforms. Some magazines quitted printing and continue only as electronic versions. We have lots of new things in our daily life and our expectations, especially those related to hygiene regulations, started to change. We’ll see if our adaptation to the pandemic can survive when daily life starts to be normal again.

This is our second issue based on the assumption that philosophy can be popular. As you will see in the magazine, philosophy is not just about high-level intellectual discussion that does not touch real life. Its questions originated from daily problems and the field grew up by questioning every single thought and working on these questions with a disciplined mind. Reading or making philosophy does not separate you from real life. On the contrary, such a practice changes your point of view towards daily life and this change may make you very content or gratified —or confused and frustrated, which is equally valuable!

Our second issue has several articles approaching the philosophy of Benedict de Spinoza from different aspects. He is one of the most influential philosophers in history. One can find a reference to Spinoza in modern and post-modern philosophy, in sociology, or even in the medical literature. We can say that Descartes is the founder of modern rationalism, and Spinoza makes the spread of modernism possible. So, his ideas created a cornerstone in the history of human beings. Let’s turn around this corner.

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Issue 2 Information

  • Electronic edition
  • ISSN: 978-1-9370011-2-1
  • Published: February 2021

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